We will beat every written quote by 10%

We will beat every written quote by 10%

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Geelong Home and Gardening Services and Maintenance.



Our gardening care and maintenance services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Grass slashing
  • Brush cutting
  • Weeding & weed control
  • Mulching
  • Hedge trimming/pruning
  • Ground maintenance
  • General clean up
  • Rubbish removal
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Geelong Home & Garden can help develop existing ideas or recreate the design to suit the property and budget.

Services we offer:

  • Instant turf
  • Garden make overs
  • Lawn restoration
  • Mulching, stones, rocks, pebbles toppings
  • Garden bed, edging and boarders
  • Planting and fertilization
  • Deck and Pergolas
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Handyman – Ready

Geelong Home & Garden offer Handyman Services to Geelong & all surrounding areas.

All odd jobs, inside & out, big or small.
We specialize in repair, replace, renovate or customize work such as:

  • Tiling
  • Plastering
  • Roofing
  • Decking
  • Floor
  • Framing
  • Painting
  • Hinges & brackets work etc.
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Hedging & Pruning Ready

Regular maintenance is required on hedges and shrubs to provide fantastic outdoor landscaping and design. They help to provide your yard with beauty as well as privacy. Pruning will improve, maintain plant health, reduce risk from falling branches and can stimulate increase growth of quality of flowers and fruits. Our hedging and pruning services include removal of deadwood, trimming and formal re-shaping.

Pressure Cleaning

We use high pressure water blaster to clean mostly exterior hard surfaces. The ideal for removing a variety of stains, dirt’s, debris, grease and mosses. The service is excellent for preparing your property for sale, getting ready for an important occasion, or just getting the place looking as neat and clean as possible.
Example of the surface :

  • House Windows Wash, Roof & Gutter Cleaning
  • Swimming Pools, Concrete Driveways and Paths
  • Boat Ramps, Patio, Deck
  • Fences, Bricks, Tiles
  • Surface sealing, Solar Panels
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Gutter cleaning

The main benefits of regular gutter cleaning are to avoid blocked down pipes, rusting and leakage, allowing cleaner and better flow of rainwater into drainage systems. Regular cleaning ensures gutters are well-maintained and will last a long time. This prevent hefty cost in repairing or replacing gutters.

Why is it important to clean your gutter regularly?

  • For areas in a high fire danger, it is also essential for protection.
  • Lack of cleaning gutter provides ideal conditions for breeding mosquitoes. Bugs love moisture. Plants, bird, insects well make a home in gutter debris.
  • A good clear & functional gutter system is important for proper drainage from your roof.
  • Prevent broken or clogged gutters, can result in costly repairs.
  • We can remove all the debris out of your guttering whether it is wet or dry.
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